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The last post shows that there are already too many red chairs in the world. On the spur given by Beyonce babyshower and to avoid confronting feeling of inadequacy and anxiety I decided perhaps there is room for one or two more. These ones are small, perhaps scale 1 to 5 (but this isn’t confirmed) and try to stay away from questions of function. They are made first and foremost from red clay and one using a red napkin. Who knows what this means for the direction of the project, probably it will be left behind or perhaps carried to excess in miniature form. One thing I thought about was to make lots of small red chairs exploring materiality, sound, texture, pattern, smell and then to exhibit them all under red light so that colour was taken out of the equation. An idea worth pursuing maybe. At least it felt good to just do something and bring some material to the project.


Written by alltheredchairs

January 22, 2012 at 10:56 pm

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