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First i needed to describe my project to my professors, Vesa Honkonen and Anna Ödlinge. They agreed that it was worth asking why the chairs at Konstfack are red. Now I will try to reform this text to describe the project to myself. Yesterday at MDT I had the help of Jens Strandberg who went through the text with me to try and figure out what is more or less important in the project. Jens didn’t find the red chairs in my text, something which I agree are missing, so I should return to the question and pay attention to that question.

Why are all the chairs at Konstfack red?

Within this question there are smaller questions about chairs, Konstfack and red.

These questions i will try to address in the new project description and through the work. We also realised that if combined with other things the question “why are all the chairs at Konstfack red?” can mean something totally different, this i will also try to explore through the writing.

Tack jens


Written by alltheredchairs

December 9, 2011 at 9:57 am

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