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This blog is about trying to hold onto ideas that will most likely be lost along the way. Its more for me than for you as the ideas probably aren’t very good or practical or probably someone has done them before.

This is an idea about stacking chairs, which I had when I went to see a lecture on sunday.

An American guy wrote a book, Mcluan in Space,  about a Canadian guy who wrote a book The Gutenberg Galaxy. I haven’t read either of these books but Mcluan in Space has been sitting next to my desk for the last six weeks, maybe I will read it. The American that wrote the book was only the warm-up act for the coming Canadian Douglas Coupland who wrote a book, Marshall McLuhan: You know nothing of my work! about another Canadian Marshall Mcluan.

Anyway he was talking and I was wondering about chairs. I was wondering about what I could do with them and the first thing that came to mind was to stack them. I stacked all the chairs in a room and then I needed more so I went to another room and got more chairs. The stack got to tall for the room so I moved it out into Seminargatan and got more chairs. I was using a ladder but the ladder was to short so I had to start using the scissor lift (the lift that I had so much fun with during the christmas market). I began taking chairs up with me in the lift, reaching out of the lift and adding them to the stack. I went in all the seminar rooms using my tag, collected chairs from library and office spaces and stole them out of the cafe when the Kitchen staff weren’t looking. The stack got higher and higher but then all of a sudden I realised that it  fell over a long time ago.

Of course those chairs don’t stack straight up in the air they always stack a little bit diagonally up, they would have fallen over a long time ago. So I began again. This time, each time I added a new level to the chair tower I rebuilt the wooden scaffolding which provided its support. The scaffolding was a well constructed vertical horizontal frame with diagonal braces and was sturdy enough to keep the tower from falling. I kept building this stack and this supporting scaffold until all the chairs of Konstfack were used in the mighty constrcution.

Then I imagined doing  all this in one night and leaving it there. No-one would know who was responsible for this act of chair terrorism that would inevitably put the school out of action for weeks.


Written by alltheredchairs

December 6, 2011 at 10:35 am

Posted in Writing

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